Wool socks, what a passion

Wool socks, what a passion

The cold has returned to northern Italy.

After what seemed like an early spring, for which going out in a jacket was too much, here we are again dealing with freezing wind and rain.

Time to stay warm: sofa, blanket, tea, or hot chocolate.

Often this is not enough for our feet, especially when the temperature drops a lot.

What to do?

Better go back to the dear old woolen socks!

Traditionally used in winter for their insulating properties, wool socks can retain body heat.

Wool socks are especially recommended for people who have cold feet in their daily life: many of the people who spend hours sitting without much physical activity due to work, have cold feet. In these cases, a good merino wool or cashmere sock is absolutely recommended.

Thanks to their properties, wool socks can provide greater comfort than a cotton sock.

What are the characteristics of wool socks?

They are a thermal insulator; they are very resistant and elastic and absorb moisture.

Today there are other types of socks on the market that have the function of warming even the coldest feet: I’m talking about thermal socks.

Thermal socks are a good ally in winter because they maintain the optimal temperature of the feet in all conditions, even when doing intense physical and sporting activity.

Wool and thermal socks both achieve the same goal: to warm our feet.

However, natural knits are breathable and soft, as well as being usually extracted without the use of toxins or chemical processes harmful to the environment.

Furthermore, being natural, they are biodegradable.

Even the thermal socks can be made with high quality, organic materials that respect the environment. For this type of product it takes extra attention during the purchase, to be sure to buy valid socks that can last over time and give the expected performance.