When socks leave their mark

When socks leave their mark

Socks are my passion.
Every occasion, every combination and every moment of the year has its accessories and socks are inevitably involved, except certainly with the much feared men’s sandals!
Style is the basis of our clothing choices; what we buy comes from our tastes and from what makes us feel good.
Color also plays its part, there are those who never give up black or neutral colors, just as there are those who cannot do without bright patterns and colors that do not go unnoticed.
For everyone there is a sock that fits.

However, there is another thing behind our clothing choices: comfort.
This feature cannot always be obtained. For example, those who wear high heels know that sometimes this is a painful choice.
Beyond suspicion, even choosing the wrong sock can be uncomfortable.

Certainly, at least once in your life, you will have worn socks that have left their mark on you.
Sock marks on the legs are very common and result from the fact that most socks contain elastic to prevent them from slipping down.
As a result, the pressure of the rubber band leaves a mark.

Often the sign that we have on the leg is associated with mild swelling, which disappears by itself after removing the offending stockings.
However, if the swelling does not subside easily, it is good to know that it could depend on medical conditions to be investigated.
Swelling of the legs, especially in summer, can in fact be a symptom that must be evaluated by a doctor.

When the elastic is too tight in the stockings can cause discomfort even while we wear them during the day: itching, resulting from incorrect circulation of blood in the leg area, is certainly one of the symptoms.
Each sock can have an elastic, but it is always good to choose the right sock for us, to wear it comfortably.
Therefore, even in the choice of socks, we should devote the right attention!