The sock increasingly protagonist in the world

The sock increasingly protagonist in the world

Sandals and socks have made the world of fashion and beyond cringe for several years.

However, in the context of the sustainable use of clothing in general, things are changing.

In the autumn-winter 2022-2023 collection we saw ribbed socks combined with boots, loafers and now also with sandals, typically used in the warmer seasons.

The upstream goal is to make clothing usable in more than one season but with style, to facilitate their use to the detriment of fast fashion, harmful for those who produce it as well as for the planet.

Socks are often part of important initiatives, especially if unmatched: we talk about the days in support of autism and against cyberbullying, for example.

They can play a leading role in situations such as the one unfolding in Wales, where Freshwater West Beach authorities have asked Harry Potter’s fans to stop leaving socks in memory of house-elf Dobby.

The location mentioned is where Dobby’s death in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 was filmed. The socks are a reference to the way Dobby was freed from servitude to the Malfoy family, in the second Harry Potter chapter.

Recent news comes from the Uffizi, in which the Director Eike Schmidt has integrated the regulation of the famous Florentine museum allowing visits to be made barefoot, provided you wear stockings or socks for clearly hygienic reasons. The permission to remove the shoes while keeping the socks came after countless situations with people visiting the museum completely barefoot.

Unfortunately we also talk about socks in the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, with the war continuing as winter approaches. NATO is supplying the Ukrainian military with the proper equipment, which seems more complex on the Russia side. War in winter is “all about wet boots and socks,” says one Ukrainian officer.

And all we have to do is move towards the conclusion of this 2022 between curiosity, news and stark reality.

Happy New Year everyone!