Sleeping with socks on

Sleeping with socks on

Does going to sleep with socks on your feet help sleep? Or does it hurt?

If you have always had this doubt, you are reading the right article.

Stop taboo, let’s talk about all the times we fell asleep with a pair of socks on, by choice or not.

For some, in fact, sleeping with socks on is a real pampering that cannot be renounced.

The feet are protected by socks, the temperature remains ideal and constant thanks to the cotton or wool with which the chosen socks are made.

While the body acts as a natural thermostat while we sleep, it really seems that socks help the body balance itself and prevent temperature fluctuations throughout the night.

Scientific evidence also suggests that warming your feet for 20 minutes before bed can reduce symptoms of insomnia, as well as fatigue.

This is especially true in the colder months, because in summer it is often difficult to think of falling asleep with covered feet.

However, it’s not just a matter of body temperature: sleeping in socks is also good for blood circulation.

Wearing a pair of socks during the night is a great invitation to vasodilation, which is one of the natural signals the body sends when it’s time to go to bed.

The socks chosen must be suitable, breathable, not too tight and pleasant to wear, otherwise you can have episodes of reduced blood circulation.

And why not think about a nocturnal cuddle?

There is no better time to pamper yourself, just apply a balm or foot cream before going to bed, then cover with socks. The next day you will certainly have hydrated feet. The important thing is to make sure you use a clean pair of socks every night.

Sleeping in socks seems to have many positive effects.

However, the possible negative effects cannot be ignored: socks must be chosen carefully, wide and comfortable enough, in cotton, wool or linen, so that they do not retain moisture.

Constantly washing your feet and changing socks is just as important, so that this behavior does not become harmful.