Made in Italy socks

Made in Italy socks

Italy was the largest sock manufacturer in the world.

Since the 1960s, however, competition from emerging countries has grown ever stronger.

China, India, Turkey and the countries of Eastern Europe take advantage of the low cost of labor and the favorable exchange rate.

Initially, the product arriving from emerging countries was very poor in terms of quality but, over the years, China and other countries have also been structured to produce better socks.

However, the quality of Made in Italy is not possible to reach outside our country.

Generally the items processed in Italy are made using only high quality, precious yarns supplied by the best Italian companies in the sector.

The value of Made in Italy is very high in the world.

Made in Italy indicates the origin of a good according to the EU provisions on the non-preferential origin of a product and in this case referring to products originating in Italy.
(Source Wikipedia)

Historically Made in Italy was an expression in English especially by Italian producers, especially from the 1980s onwards, as part of a process of revaluation and defense of the Italian character of the product.

The reason for adopting this expression was to counter the falsification of Italian artisan and industrial production in the four traditional sectors: fashion, food, furniture and mechanics.

Often the “Made in Italy” stamp, in fashion, is used for products that are not entirely made in Italy: this is why it is important to always look at the manufacturer marked on the label!

The manufacturer must certify the origin of the socks.

If the collection was designed in Italy but was produced outside national borders, the product is not truly Made in Italy.

Each sock designed and made by Claudia Facenti is 100% Made in Italy, guaranteed and certified.

Thanks to the know-how acquired over the years in the sector, Claudia Facenti selects the best artisan producers for each individual project.

The raw material is the best. Manufacturers have skills in the production of quality socks, each piece created is proof of this.

Giving up Made in Italy means entering a confused world, where you can find cheaper yarns without any guarantee, where producers are willing to pay little for their craftsmen, in order to obtain a more competitive product.

Knowing the producers you rely on means, on the other hand, obtaining a safe, valuable product, certainly of high quality, destined to last over time.

Come into Made in Italy’s world, make your fashionable socks with Claudia Facenti!