How to wash socks correctly

How to wash socks correctly

Summer has arrived in Italy, the time for comfortable socks for long walks or even, simply, to stay at home.

Socks are among the clothing that tend to get dirty more easily, but the correct way to wash them is not always known.

In fact, there are various types of socks and it is essential to learn not to damage them.

How to wash socks in the washing machine correctly?

Always divide them by color: white socks can go with white towels to complete the load, while colored ones must go with similarly colored clothing to prevent fading.

Then it is enough to put some detergent for neutral laundry in the special compartment of the washing machine and select the wash for delicate items.

The water temperature must be low.

Once the washing is finished, it is better to avoid the dryer or quick drying in the summer sun. Proceed to spread the socks in a little sunny area and let them dry calmly to prevent them from shrinking or becoming too stiff and uncomfortable.

In addition to the general rules regarding the washing of socks, there are special cases such as, for example, that of white socks that can turn yellow or gray or become stained.

To make them look like new, it is better to leave them to soak in warm water with neutral soap (Marseille soap, for example), bicarbonate and, if they are stained, a little scented bleach.

Then spread them out to dry calmly in a little sunny area, as the general rule says.

Changing socks often without leaving them too much in the dirty laundry basket allows you to use less detergent to clean them and, consequently, helps preserve them from wear.

Bicarbonate is a natural softener as well as white vinegar: both are excellent allies to keep socks soft, they can be added in the washing machine towards the end of the wash.

To avoid, however, the annoying lint that can be generated after washing, it is better to turn the socks to wash them from the inside, especially if they are wool socks: this also allows you to clean them thoroughly right where the bacteria responsible for the bad smells are.

Hand washing is generally the best solution to avoid damaging the socks we use.

However, the time available makes us prefer the washing machine for its convenience.

Just follow the simple precautions in this article, as well as the label with washing instructions, to obtain a good washing result.