How to combine sports and socks

How to combine sports and socks

We could say that every sport has its socks, or almost.

What characteristics do you need to pay attention on to when matching sock / sport?

Let’s see it together.

In the practice of some sports the circulatory system is subjected to excessive overload. Our venous system sometimes comes to undergo such stress as to increase the normal blood flow by about 4/5 times.

Some sports such as cycling, tennis, football or weightlifting exacerbate the stress of the venous system until it is clearly visible on our legs, causing the pathology known as “athlete’s vein”.

Today technology helps us in this, with products dedicated to sport that can help the legs: we are talking about compression socks, generally made with totally technical yarns.

These socks help the dispersion not only of the heat that accumulates on the leg, but also of the sweat that forms on it, thus leaving the epidermis dry.

It is always understood that, in the presence of important pathologies, it is always good to consult with your doctor who, in addition to confirming the need to wear socks or not, will also be able to indicate the degree of compression.

Among the sports in which it is necessary to wear socks we also find dance.

It is good to know that dance tights are not all the same. Socks and tights must be functional and comfortable, resistant and durable, but also delicate to the touch, without seams, in fabrics that do not irritate the skin even when it sweats.

The dance stockings must above all allow a great freedom of movement, to allow the dancer to realize his wonderful work.

Even riding a horse implies the use of suitable socks: how to choose a horse-riding sock?

There are special technical socks able to meet everyone’s tastes.

They can be eccentric or sober in style, but it must be considered that for the rider, once they have taken off the boots or the gaiters, they are a part of the look.

Depending on the season, some attention should be paid: in the summer it is better to consider light, comfortable and breathable nylon socks; for the winter, on the other hand, it is better to choose socks that avoid heat loss, in wool so that they avoid cooling of the legs and feet.

The world of socks is huge.

The fixed point is the choice of quality socks, which are good for our feet and legs, in every situation.